1/9 – Quarterly 2 Review Test and Solutions

Sorry I was sick today! I’ve posted today’s classwork with solutions (labeled review sheet #1). I’ve relabeled yesterday’s homework as review sheet #2. Then you’ve got the review test. These three handouts cover the entire Quarterly 2. Don’t forget to check your solutions.

Review Sheet #1: Quarterly 2 Coordinates and PEMDAS

Review Sheet #2: Quarterly 2 Fractions and Percents

Quarterly 2 Review Test: Quarterly 2 Practice Test

Supplemental Review Materials: Quarterly 2 Supplemental Review Materials

p.s. If I make it to school tomorrow, I’ll have yet another review activity planned, which I’ll then post online.  I’ll check all of the homework next week Wednesday.

For those taking the Hunter Exam, best of luck.