11/29 – Systems of Equations Multi-Day Activity

Welcome to our Multi-Day Activity!

Description and Requirements

In this individual activity, you will be solving three system of equations problems using multiple methods.


The assignment is to choose one easy problem and one medium problem from the list of system of equation letters. In addition, you must solve the mandatory problem below. For each problem:

  • Solve using a graph
  • Solve using substitution
  • Solve using elimination
  • Present your solution in a mini-booklet or set of stapled papers. The work may be neatly hand-written or typed.

Due Date

We will be working on this activity in class until Friday (11/30). The due date is Monday (12/3), so anything you don’t finish in class will be homework for the weekend.

Mandatory Problem

*If you are having trouble reading the problem, save and open the image as a separate file.

722: Homework (Due Monday, December 3)

Regents Problems

  • August 2018 – Question 37
  • August 2018 – Question 9
  • August 2017 – Question 37
  • January 2017 – Question 25
  • January 2017 – Question 34

If you finish everything you need to work on and still have time in class, I strongly urge you to solve one last (or two last) problem(s) using this new, more challenging list of system of equation letters.