5/7 – Distributive Property

Due tomorrow: 75. Multiplying Binomials Preview

Due tomorrow: Q4 Project

Due Friday: Mathography

  • In this assignment, you will write a “mathography” detailing yourself and your relationship to mathematics.
  • Start off by telling a little about yourself – your interests, hobbies, family, and any other aspects of your background that you’d like to share.
  • Talk about your experiences with mathematics since as early as you can remember. Discuss any favorite lessons or aspects of math which you enjoy (or don’t enjoy). Talk about any math that you do or that you see outside of school. Talk about how you see yourself as a learner and doer of mathematics. Most importantly, talk about why you think you feel the way you do about mathematics.
  • The assignment should be:
    • Typed or handwritten
    • Organized like a formal essay or organized some other way
    • A minimum of 1-page (single or double-spaced)
  • The assignment can include drawings or illustrations once you’ve reached the 1-page requirement.
  • This is an important opportunity for you to reflect on yourself and your identity as a math student. Be open and honest with yourself! I will not be sharing them with any other student.

4/13 – Volume and Review

Due Monday: 73. Volume Part 2

Review notes on ratios, unit rates, and proportions.

Here’s our percent and proportion chapter: Percents Explained

Here’s a concise review of converting between decimals, fractions, and percents: Conversion of Decimals Fractions and Percents

Read my tips on good studying. Remember, the best way to study is to quiz yourself. Solve problems, get them wrong, then figure out what you can change to not make the same mistake.

Silly mistakes might not be silly. Rather, they might be a sign that you need to internalize the material more through focused practice!