9/19 – Study for Quiz Tomorrow

The quiz will be very similar to a practice quiz I’ve created, which you can get by clicking here: Quiz 1 – Practice Quiz

Here are the Quiz 1 – Practice Quiz (Solutions). You should definitely review the solutions to make sure you’re doing it right. If you have time, you should also complete the “Suggestions for further review” which are in red.


622 ONLY: Today during our double, we worked on the following Problem Set.  Here are the Solutions.  Class 623, if you want to work through the problem set for extra practice and a challenge, feel free to do so.

9/18 – GCF and Monomials

Open the Google Form.  Solve the problems in your notebook then input your answers and hit SUBMIT.  Please read the important notice below:

To input exponents, please use the following symbol: ^

This symbol can be created by holding shift and pressing ‘6’.

For example, “x to the fourth power” can be written as x^4.

I mentioned a blue button in class but have decided not to use that feature. I discovered it is not compatible on all devices.