11/29 – Percents Explained, The Book

Below is something I wrote last year as part of my lessons on percents. My students helped me create the problems at the end of each section.

Your classwork/homework (due Monday, 12/3) will be to create two problems each for Section 1, Section 2, and Section 3. This is a total of six problems. In addition, provide a worked out solution to each problem. Be prepared to turn in your problems on a separate piece of paper.

Lastly, you will have a “Quest” (quiz/test) on Monday on percents. The questions will come from the classworks/homeworks we’ve done in class as well as the “Percents Explained” textbook below.

Percents Explained (Textbook)



Q2 Project

Here is our Q2 Project: Q2 – StockMarketProject

Here is the rubric: Q2 Project Rubric

Due Date: December 5th (2 weeks)

Keep in mind you will need to keep track of stocks for 10 days. So it’s impossible to start this project the night before or even the week before! Luckily, it’s just looking at a website and writing down the price of a stock for that day – what a wonderful thing to do while you’re sitting around during break 🙂

10/24 – Quarterly 1 Topics and Review

Quarterly Topics (10/29 – calculators may be used for the entire exam)

  • Add/Subtract/Multiply Integers
  • Find the absolute value
  • Add/Subtract/Multiply Fractions and Mixed Numbers (includes negatives)
  • Add/Subtract/Multiply Decimals (includes negatives)
  • Order of Operations with Integers, Fractions, Exponents and Decimals (PEMDAS)
  • Evaluating Expressions
  • Rational Number Word Problems
  • Using the Distributive Property
  • Factoring

Quarterly 1 Mini Review

Full Review Sheet

Quarterly 1 Scavenger Hunt Review